Tensus Demi-Pointe Shoe
Tensus Demi-Pointe Shoe

Tensus Demi-Pointe Shoe

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  • Tensus Demi-Pointe Shoe from Bloch.
  • Bloch first developed the Demi-pointe shoe in the 1960's as a transitional shoe to help train dancers for pointe work. The shoes are more structured than ballet flats and the sole and box provide resistance helping to build the necessary strength in the foot and leg muscles required for pointe work.
  • Demi-pointes are used in class for students to become used to the feeling of dancing in a "blocked" shoe. Demi-pointes are designed to offer the look and feel of a pointe shoe, however without a hard box or shank these shoes are not suitable for pointe work.
  • Tempered platform and U-shaped vamp.
  • Square shaped box, low cut sides and a narrow heel combine to accentuate the profile of the foot and suit the dancer with a narrow heel.
  • Full leather outsole supports the foot and creates a smooth surface and stability.
  • The Tensus Demi has a leather outsole and is made on the same last as the Aspiration pointe shoe. The last shape supports the foot and creates a smooth surface and stability when running, walking or standing flat.
  • Cotton drawstring
  • Pink.

Fit / Size

  • 1 through 8
  • B and C

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