Balancing Board
Balancing Board
Russian Pointe

Balancing Board

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  • RP Balancing Board from Russian Pointe.
  • Take balance and stability to the next level with the RP Balance Board. With an easy-grip surface featuring the RP logo, the board's wooden top is sturdy and slip-resistant for safety while you train. Designed to stimulate your core, the domed plastic bottom forces stabilizing muscles to engage as you work to maintain balance. The RP Balance Board is sized for portability, small and light enough to carry to and from wherever you choose to practice. 
    • RP Purple gripped surface with RP logo
    • Wooden upper with plastic domed bottom
    • Improves strength
    • Increases balance, proprioception and body awareness


    *Not intended for use with street shoes or pointe shoes. May impact integrity of logo.


  • 39.5 cm diameter.