P O I N T E     S H O E

SBTDV - Freed Classic - Deep Vamp

The celebrated pointe shoe worn by ballerinas the world over is handmade by master craftsmen in England. The acclaimed Freed block breaks in to cushion your toes while supporting your feet.

Shoe sizes 6 and below come with 1.8mm thick red card insole; sizes 6.5 and up comes with 2.5mm thick insole. In Freed Pink Satin.

Limited stock available.  If size is not in stock, please allow about 2 - 3 weeks for shipment.

Sizes: 1 - 8 M, X, XX, XXX

In Store Price:  97.00
Price:               72.75

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STUXV - Freed Studio Pro Pointe Shoes

Freed has made subtle changes in their popular shoe for the young dancer. The new Freed Studios Professional features a V-shaped vamp that gives your foot a long, more beautiful look. It has a newly designed 3/4 shank for greater flexibility and an elastic drawstring for an even better fit. A shock-absorbing layer is incorporated into the block to cushion and guard against �shock� injuries, and lessen noise. Made from the same natural materials as Freed Classics, the Freed Studios Professional ensures greater durability.

Available in Freed sizes 2-8, including half sizes and C, D, E and EE widths. In Freed pink satin.

Limited stock available.  If size is not in stock, please allow about 2 - 3 weeks for shipment.

In Store Price:          95.00

Mail Order Price:   71.25

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FR100 - Freed Ribbon

Color: Freed pink satin

3 yards

In Store Price:         7.00

Mail Order Price:  5.25

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ELW - Freed Elastic

Color: peach

18 inches

In Store Price:         1.00

Mail Order Price:    .75

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